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Nathan Breitling Poetry Fellowship

NathanBreitling_fv.jpgThe Nathan Breitling Poetry Fellowship honors the memory of Nathan Breitling, a graduate of the Columbia College Chicago MFA Poetry Program. The fellowship was established by Nathan’s parents, Robert and Susan, and his sister, Lauren.

A poet, teacher, and Eagle Scout, Nathan graduated from Palatine High School in 2004 and matriculated at Illinois Wesleyan College in Bloomington, Illinois. He was an outstanding student in their English and German language programs. He also managed the campus radio station for three years and contributed many hours of "crazy" content for his fellow students and Bloomington residents to enjoy.

After graduating from Wesleyan, Nathan attended Columbia College Chicago, where he received his MFA in Poetry in 2011. Nathan continued at Columbia College as an adjunct professor, teaching freshman English classes for several years. He taught English in South Korea for a year before returning home.

One of his lifelong goals was to see his poems published. Several of his poems have appeared recently in poetry magazines, and he would have cherished the knowledge that his poems are out in the world, resonating with other readers and writers.

He will be dearly missed by his family and many friends from Wesleyan and Columbia, but mostly by his dear sister and loving parents.

la mondo de roso,

la mondon de roso estas

-- kaj tamen, kaj tamen...

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