Columbia College Chicago Faculty

Why We Give

Charles Cannon, Professor, Science and Mathematics Donor Since: 1993

“The students are the main driving force for why I give. Many people helped me along during my early years of pursuing a formal education. I graduated from a very small high school in Alabama of about 500 students. As class valedictorian, I was presented with a scholarship at commencement that was funded by combined donations from all the faculty. I will never forget what they did for me.”

Stephanie Shaw (BA ’92, MFA ’09), Senior Lecturer, Theatre Donor Since: 1994

“Columbia College Chicago is my community. I teach and negotiate and collaborate with faculty I’ve known since I was a student here. I use the classroom to explore, every day, the definition of the word ‘artist,’ and my students and colleagues bend that definition delightfully, every day of the week. Any extra contribution I can make towards keeping that sort of community thriving is worthwhile.”

Suzanne McBride, Associate Professor, Communication and Media Innovation John O’Neill, Adjunct Professor, Communication and Media Innovation Donors Since: 2008

“Our students are passionate about their craft, and they're hungry to show what they can do. They don't want to sit on the sidelines, but be out in the middle of the action. We feel good about our contributions going to students, whether it's to fund a scholarship or help sustain an important initiative that enables them to engage with the larger world.”

Darrell Jones, Associate Professor, Dance Donor Since: 2010

“My giving supports students in finishing their educational pursuits. I feel it contributes to what students are learning and to their access to learn, as well. Columbia College Chicago students are unique. They have a wide range of ideas and backgrounds that creates a pluralistic environment that is consistently engaging.”

Brian Shaw (BA ’86), Professor, Theatre Donor Since: 1988

“Supporting Columbia provides direct financial assistance to students or to the facilities and programs that students access through their education at the college. The correlation between dollars and support is very direct.”